Department of Creative Informatics

Physically Based Animation, 2018


Lecturer: Toshiya Hachisuka (

This course covers physically-based animation in computer graphics which is widely used in movies and video games. You will learn simulation methods used in computer graphics for several physical entities such as springs, rigid bodies, fluids, elastic bodies, and waves, so that you obtain basic knowledge to understand the latest research in this area. The course consists of lectures and programming assignments, and you will learn theory and implementation of simulation methods for various physical phenomena throughout this course. At the end of this course, you freely implement a new simulation method based on the knowledge you learned in this course, write a short paper regarding your work, and compete with others in terms of technical achievements.

Late submissions can be done up to five days late and will be penalized 20 percent of the possible score linearly per day (e.g., 12 hours-late after the deadline means 10 percent penalty). Submissions will not be accepted after five days late.

Assignments (do not redistribute)
Schedule (subject to change. do not redistribute the slides)